Marketers Need To Adopt Multi-Channel Strategies For Reaching 2011 Families

With the 2010 census numbers out, there are numerous reports highlighting the decline of the traditional married family unit of previous decades.  Although this segment of the market is declining it still manages to outspend any other segment.

According to The Nielsen Company,  “The New Digital American Family is getting older, smaller, growing more slowly and becoming more ethnically diverse than at any point in history.  Diversity in all its dimensions defines the emerging American Family archetype, with no single cultural, social, demographic, economic or political point of view dominating the landscape”.  

Most families of today are internet savvy and research before making all sorts of purchasing decisions and more and more are buying online.  Additionally not everyone in the household is using the same devices to obtain information and to make purchases and they are doing this at different times of the day.   Purchases using smartphones have increased substantially in last year and will continue to increase across the board.   With smartphones becoming accessible across households of all income levels, marketers cannot ignore the importance of this emerging medium.   Tablets are not far behind and it will be essential for businesses to create smartphone and tablet applications

The Nielsen Company goes on to say,  “the age of anytime, anywhere, affordable access has arrived, a game-changer for marketers who now must learn to leverage the unique attribute of mobile into their campaign strategies”

The use of social media for connecting with this segment is also imperative.  It must be sincere and its goal must be to engage and not necessarily to sell.  Marketers concern is to add a value to the information and content used to create this connection and sustain it with engaging tools and by providing helpful & useful information.


1 Response to “Marketers Need To Adopt Multi-Channel Strategies For Reaching 2011 Families”

  1. 1 Heather May 31, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Good article! Your phone is the new ‘club card’.

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